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FutureStops is a multi-faceted initiative established by the Royal Canadian College of Organists (RCCO) to help build a more diverse, rich and relevant future for the pipe organ, in Canada and internationally.

Crowned centuries ago as ‘the king of instruments’ the pipe organ and its music face profound challenges today. The sociomusical importance of the organ has diminished significantly in recent decades, due to both the disruptive rise of digital music and decreasing attendance in religious services, the latter resulting in the closing of many churches and the loss of both working organs and working organists. As a result, many music lovers, especially young people, are unaware of the transformative potential of the organ, an instrument whose remarkable power and range should instead make it a vital focus of contemporary musical appreciation, invention and artistry.

FutureStops aims to reverse this trend by exploring and celebrating a wide range of contemporary approaches to the organ, and by a building a community of contemporary organ enthusiasts who value artistic innovation, cultural diversity and community engagement as keys to the 21st century organ experience.

The FutureStops podcast is just the first of several upcoming FutureStops projects designed to further these aims.

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Cameron Carpenter (Photo credit: Hiroyuki Ito/Getty Images)
Ellen Arkbro (Source: EllenArkbro.com)
Anna Von Hausswolff (Photo credit: Anna Von Hausswolff)
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Olivier Latry (Photo uncredited)
Dr. Lonnie Smith (Source: ArtsCalendar.com)
Taiko Drummer (Source: EllenArkbro.com)
Alcee Chriss III (photo credit John Zimmerman)
John Kameel Farah Victor Richardson (Photo credit: Viktor Richardson)
Joseph Gramley or Clive Driskill-Smith (Source: YouTube)
Trudy Pitts Kimmel (Source: AllAboutJazz.org)


The Royal Canadian College of Organists (RCCO) is the national voice of the organ and its music in Canada. We support, promote and celebrate Canadian organists, composers, organ-builders and others who share our passion by providing resources and opportunities through our programmes and services. We seek to enrich the lives of Canadians by engaging the wider public in Canada’s rich organ heritage and vibrant organ culture.

The RCCO provides a wide variety of programmes including: professional development opportunities, youth training programmes, promotion of emerging artists, examinations leading to certification, publication of Canadian organ and choral music, scholarships and bursaries, and several honorary awards.

The RCCO is a registered charitable organization (# 13696 9730 RR0001).
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